Red File

The Red File


The WAPA Red File is a manual for the administration of clubs. It is provided to help committees run their clubs successfully. It is so named because the original hardcopy version had a red binder.

As committees turn over, many new office bearers find themselves in need of guidance, particularly in respect of WAPA procedures.

This manual is aimed at the club committee, although there are some chapters (particularly 5 and 11) which are intended for the general membership as well. The links below will give you all the information you require. Should other issues arise, please contact your Club Secretary or the WAPA Secretary.

Red File 2019

Appendix 1 - Sample Visitor Declaration Form

Appendix 2 - WAPA pro rata capitation fees 2018

Appendix 3 - Form WAPA102 Activity Register

Appendix 4 - Grades

Appendix 5 - Safety Training Course Material

Appendix 6 - Firearms Awareness Certificate Information

Appendix 7 - Sample Pistol Application and Disposal Form

Appendix 8 - Guidelines for firearms serviceability certificates

Appendix 9 - Sample Application for Membership form

Appendix 10 - PA Member Capitation Form

Appendix 11 - Sample letters

Appendix 12 - Private Minutes Subscription form

Appendix 13 - Club Office Bearers form

Appendix 14 - Application to conduct an Open shoot

Appendix 15 - Application to host State Champs

Appendix 16 - WA Police range standards documents

Appendix 17 - Draft club constitution and rules

Appendix 18 - Guide to becoming incorporated

Appendix 19 - Ten Commandments for Committee Members