Steph De Jong (50)


MATCHES: Sports, 10m Air, Free, Standard and CF for now (Apologies Murray) WHY DID YOU BEGIN SHOOTING? My husband introduced me to shooting who now regrets it as I’m beating him, poor love. WHEN DID YOU START SHOOTING? 1994. Competitively 2015.  Started Air mid 2015 LIST YOUR SHOOTING ACHIEVEMENTS: Not a lot. State Champs 2017 for Sports & Air. WHAT DO YO


Rohan Daw (34)


MATCHES:           free, air, sports and standard pistol. As an SPS shooter   WHY DID YOU BEGIN SHOOTING?   I have always been interested in shooting, with growing up on the farm I have always been around guns             WHEN DID YOU START SHOOTING?      


Gwendolyn Liang 


Still to come.


Mike Knapp 


DISCIPLINE: Free Pistol Air Pistol Standard Pistol HANDEDNESS: Right WHY DID YOU BEGIN SHOOTING? I’ve always been interested in guns and shooting since I was a small boy playing with toy guns in the garden WHEN DID YOU START SHOOTING? I had my first air pistol at about 9 years of age, then progressed through air rifles,  shotguns and .22 rifles to pistols and fullbore rifles