What is WAPA?
WAPA is the West Australian Pistol Association and is made up of Clubs whose purpose it is to promote the sport of Pistol Shooting.
Currently there are 37 clubs affiliated with the Association with a combined membership of approximately 900 members. Clubs are situated from Kununurra in the north through to Esperance in the south.

The Association is formed:
* to promote, control and co-ordinate safe and enjoyable participation in shooting for all age groups at Club, State, National and International level; and
* affiliate with Pistol Australia.

Generally about fifteen open shoots are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year. Clubs apply to WAPA for permission to hold open events. Similarly the State Championships are allocated to host clubs. Open shoots provide an opportunity for shooters of all levels and from all locations to compete and socialise over a weekend.

Trophies or prizes are awarded in all grades. Opens also provide an opportunity for those aspiring to State Team selection to register qualifying scores. WAPA provides assistance as necessary in the organisation and refereeing of these events.

Member's Privileges and Obligations
Following 6 months membership of a club, members may make application to the club for approval to purchase a pistol for use in club matches. Licensed pistols can only be used on approved ranges of clubs affiliated with WAPA or other approved ranges subject to arrangement/invitation by the resident club/association.

Members with licensed pistols must comply with minimum participation requirements. These requirements may vary, depending on the number of disciplines shot and individual club rules in relation to attendance. Member participation is reported to the WA Police on an annual basis. Members must also comply with the WAPA Regulations, club by-laws/rules, licensing conditions imposed by the WA Police, the Firearms Act 1973 and Firearms Regulations 1974.